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Important Information About Seminars
“Graduate seminars at EU Institute of Science and Technology are carried out under the name of "Graduate Seminar Days", within a specific program created on the basis of academic year or semester, taking into account the own conditions of the departments. As notified to all department chairs with the decision of the Institute Administrative Board, dated 22.08.2008 and numbered 38/3, on how to implement the application on this subject, with our letter dated 07.10.2008 and numbered 6467: They must notify our institute until the end of October and March at the latest. It is important that our department chairs show maximum sensitivity to the subject so that our students whose names and seminar topics are not included in the proposed seminar program are not victims.”
According to the above announcement on the web page of the Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences; In the third week of the Academic Year (Fall or Spring), Faculty Members and students are informed via e-mail.
The graduate student enrolled in the seminar course determines the seminar topic together with the advisor and the student must fill in the application form until the 8th week of the Academic Term (Fall or Spring) (the deadline for the 2021-2022 Spring semester is 29.04.2022). 2021-22 Spring semester seminar application form). Students who miss the application deadline must apply in the last week of the Educational Term and hold the seminar on the last day of the make-up week. Students who have not applied until this date will fail the seminar course.
Seminars are grouped according to the branches of science and the session information is announced on the department web page in the 10th week of the semester, and is also sent to the Institute of Science and Technology for announcement. Seminar sessions are held on Wednesday afternoons in the last two weeks of the semester.
The student giving the seminar is responsible for preparing the Participants List and Seminar Evaluation Form and submitting it to the department chair. These two forms must be signed by the student and the advisor.
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