Çerez Örnek


Ege University Mechanical Engineering Department; the decision of the Ege University Senate on 29.03.1994 and 6/10 was established with the approval of YÖK on 22.04.1994 and numbered 102/6. Deparment consists of Energy, Construction and Manufacturing, Machine Theory and Dynamics, Mechanics and Thermodynamic Abrasives, which were founded on decision of the Ege University Senate on 03.05.1994 and 7/8. Ege University Faculty of Engineering Department of Mechanical Engineering, undergraduate education, 1994-1995 academic year, E.Ü. Starting from 1999-2000 academic year, it started in the building of Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering and continued to operate in the new building with the 4000 m2 closed area belonging to the division since 2006-2007 education year.

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