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Rules to be Applied in Exams

Rules to be Applied in Exams
1) A student who does not have a "Student Identity Document" will not be admitted to the exam. Identity card will be kept on the desk throughout the exam.
2) Please be in the exam hall at least 5 minutes before the exam start time.
3) Students must obey all warnings of the invigilators during the exam. Inspectors have the authority to make changes in the seating arrangement, both before the start of the examination and during the examination, in order to maintain the examination order, without giving a reason.
4)During the exam, keep your mobile phones completely turned off (not on vibrate or silent mode), and keep them in an invisible place.
5)It is forbidden to have books, notes, etc. during the exam (except for some exams where books and notebooks are free), cheating, attempting to cheat, cheating or helping cheaters during the exam.
6)Clear the writings on the desk that are thought to be related to the exam. Remove your lecture notes (even if unrelated to the lecture) above and below the desk (except for open layout exams).
7)During the exam, it is forbidden for students to ask each other for pencils, erasers, calculators, etc., to write anywhere other than the question paper and answer paper, to use rough paper, and to record the exam questions by any means.
8)It is forbidden to ask questions to the invigilators during the exam, even if the questions are considered to be inaccurate.
9)It is the student's responsibility to sign the attendance sheet during the exam. Due to the pandemic conditions, the student will sign his own pen and attendance sheet.
10)During the pandemic period, it is mandatory to wear a mask during the exam period.
11)Exams will be held in a minimum of 1 session and a maximum of 3 sessions.
12)Students who come to the first session of the exams after the first 10 minutes will not be admitted to the exam.
13)Students who are late for other sessions of the exams will not be admitted.
14)No one will be allowed to leave the hall within the first 10 minutes after the start of the exam.
15)There will be 10 minutes between sessions. There will be no students in the classrooms in between.
16)Students whose names are not included in the final and make-up exam lists (absent or do not have the right to take the exam) cannot take these exams. If they do, their exams will be deemed invalid.
17)During the exam, speaking with other students, whether related to the exam or not, following their answer papers, arranging the seating arrangement to ensure this, or spreading the answer papers on the desk will be considered as "Copy Attempt".
18)After leaving the exam hall, if the exam is still in progress, do not speak loudly in the hallway.
I would like to thank you for your care in conducting the exams in accordance with the rules and wish you success in your exams.
Head of Department

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